• Daily Current Affairs 26th February 2017

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    Current Affairs 26th February 2017

    Important Questions  based on Current Affairs 26th February

    Q-1 Which Company has recently plan to acquire the assets of yahoo?

    a) Alphabet Inc.

    b) Verizon communications

    c) Microsoft

    d) Apple

    Q-2 Which country has developed the fear free Mice  as announced recently?

    a) Korea

    b) Japan

    c) United States of America

    d) Russia

    e) None of these

    Q-3 On Which Date the 70th raising day of Defence Department Constabulary was observed?

    a) 23rd February 

    b) 24th February

    c) 25th February

    d) 26th February

    e) None of these


    Verizon lowers down the Deal Prize to buy Yahoo


    a) Verizon Communication announced the Changes in the Deal Prize to buy Yahoo.

    b)  According to Verizon Communication , it had lowered the deal prize by $350 million. The Initial deal prize to buy Verizon was $ 4.48 billion and now it is lowered in the wake of the recent Cyber Attacks at the Internet Company.

    c) The two massive cyber attacks has prompted the Verizon to delay and Shift the deal from the Initial Deal.


    Fear Free Mice developed

    a) The Researchers of Japan Have developed method to erase the memories of a mice ( Initially tested on mice). This was successfully done on a mice by deactivating a Neural Protein.

    b) Such procedures are very difficult as in these the procedures would affect both the cell surface and the internal forms of the protein in question.


    70th Raising Day Defense Security Corps ( DSC)

    a) On the Foundation day of Defense Security Corps ( DSC) which was raised on 25 February 1947 as ‘Defence Department Constabulary’ the  70th Raising Day on 25th February 2017 was celebrated.

    b) Defense Deptt. constabulary provides security to various sensitive defense and civil installations. They provide this across all over the Country since the year 1947.

    c) On this occasions the officials present  L G JS Cheema, Deputy Chief of Army Staff (Information System & Training) and Colonel Commandant of DSC, appreciated  all ranks and complimented them.

    Indian Railways to implement new  measures 


    a) The Indian Railways is planning to introduce a new  measures  for its performance as soon as possible.

    b) This step came into implementation after observing a five-year low operating ratio by the end of this financial year.

    c) In the year   the financial performance of Indian railways was 94.9% of  operating ratio. 

    d) The Indian railways have formed a committee in this regard  of executive directors from its budget, finance efficiency and research departments.


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  • Daily Current Affairs 25th February 2017

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    Daily Current Affairs 25th February 2017

    Important Questions Based on Daily Current Affairs 25th February 2017

    Q-1 Which Indian Shooter has Clinched the Bronze Medal in the Women Air Rifle Category in Shooting World Cup 2017 ?

    a) Pooja Ghatkar

    b) Ravina Thakur

    c) Pooja Mohil

    d) Song Buhan

    Q-2 India is Planning to Build a Supercomputer which will rank among world’s top ten rank. The Supercomputer will process at a speed of 

    a) 5 Petaflops

    b) 10 Petaflops

    c) 15 Petaflops

    d) 20 Petaflops

    e) 25 Petaflops

    Q- The Indian Supercomputer EKA was build by –

    a) Tata Consultancy Services

    Pooja Ghatkar Clinches Bronze in the Shooting World Cup

    a) Pooja Ghatkar bags a Bronze Medal with a vigorous start  in the Shooting World Cup on 24th February, 2017.

    b) She bagged it in Women’s air rifle championship at the Dr. Karni Singh Range, Tughlakabad.

    c) Three world Record were set on the day by Song Buhan, Shi Mengyao and Laetisha Scanlan.

    India to Build Supercomputer Juggernaut

    a) India is planning to build its Powerful Supercomputer with processors which operate at the full capacity of 10 petaflops (1 followed by 15 zeroes of floating point operations per second).

    b) The Supercomputer will rank among top 10 fastest supercomputers in world.  The Supercomputer is still unnamed and the project is likely to be completed by the end of June 2017.

    c)  Rs. 400 crore fund has been allocated for this purpose by the government.

    d) Earlier India has gained a rank in top ten position in the world in the year 2007. The name of this supercomputer was EKA which was build  by Computational Research Laboratories (CRL) by the TATA Group. 


    Prime Minister Unveils 112 feet long Statue of Lord Shiva

    a) On the occasion of Maha Shivratri Prime Minister Narendra Modi Unveiled the 112 feet long Statue dedicated to Adiyogi-Lord Shiva.

    b)  He emphasized  on the importance and Significance of Lord Shiva. He also mentioned some poetry in divine language dedicated to lord Shiva ( Adiyogi).

    c) Prime Minister injected into the people about the Unity, Integrity and Diversity into the people.

    d) The Giant statue was unveiled at Coimbatore on 24th February, 2017. 


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  • Daily Current Affairs 24th February 2017

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    Current Affairs 24th February 2017 for Govt. Exams

    Important questions based on Current Affairs 24th February 2017

    Q-1 Which two companies has recently announced its merge to become one communication company?

    a) Airtel and JIO

    b) Airtel and Idea

    c) Telenor and Vodafone

    d) Airtel and Telenor

    Q-2 What will be the venue of Rifle and Pistol World Cup 2019 as announced by the ISSF on 23rd February 2017?

    a) New york

    b) New delhi

    c) Shanghai

    d) Rio da Janerio

    Q-3 Who is the Current Union Sports minister of India ?

    a) M. Venkaiah Naidu

    b) Nitin Gadkari

    c) Vijay Goel

    d) Uma Bharti

     Inauguration of Shooting World Cup 2017

    a) Vijay Goel -The Union Sports Minister inaugurated the Shooting World Cup -the first World Cup of the season on 23rd of February 2017.

    b) Mr.Gagan Narang and Heena Sidhu took the oath on the behalf of shooters.

    c)  At the Inaugural ceremony was present the President of ISSF ( International Shooting Sports federation )- Mr Olegario Vazquez Rana.

    d) The Secretary – General of ISSF is Mr. Franz Schreiber.


    New Delhi to host Rifle and Pistol World Cup 2019 

    a) New Delhi will be Hosting the Rifle and Pistol World Cup 2019 as announced by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

    b) The ISSF has announced it officially on 23rd February 2017. The respective three world cups will held at Munich, Beijing and Rio de Janerio. The venue of the shotgun World cup would be Changwon, lahiti, Al Ain and Acapulco.

    c) In order to achieve Gender equality which was suggested by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) the ad-hoc committee has been approved for introduction of three mixed doubles events in the Air Rifle, Air pistol and trap.


    Airtel to acquire all assets of Telenor

    a) Bharti Airtel announced recently to merge with Norway-based communication company “Telenor”.

    b) The India’s largest telecom services provider  signed agreement with the Telenor SouthAsia investments Pte. LTD.

    c)  This is the Sixth domestic acquisition after JIO announced its 100 million users across the country.

    d) After the announcement the Airtel gained 1.4% on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on 23rd February 2017.


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  • Daily Current Affairs 23rd February 2017

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    Current Affairs 23rd February

    Important Questions based on Current Affairs 23rd February

    Q-1 Recently scientist have discovered a Dwarf Star which is orbited by the Seven Earth-like 

    Planets . Name the Star ?

    a) TRAPPIST -1

    b) STRAP-2

    c) PITSTRAP -1

    d) STRAPIST -1

    Q-2 Who has taken oath as the Nagaland’s New Chief Minister ?

    a) Shurhozelie Lieziestu 

    b) Irom Sharmila

    c) Tenzing Shurhozelie 

    d) shramik Shurhozelie 

    Q-3Who has been appointed as the  Whole Time Member of IBBI (Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India) ?

    a) Vinay rai

    b) Suman Saxena

    c) Jwahar Sharma

    d) Ajay Tyagi

    Earth replica planets Spotted

    a) Recently Scientists have spotted seven earth like planets which are about 39 light years away from the Sun.

    b) These planets are orbiting round  dwarf Star which is similar to size of jupiter.

    c) It is also expected that there is presence pof water and life due to low temperatures of the Planets

    d) The name of the dwarf Star is TRAPPIST –1  .  Furthermore Scientist have also spotted four Exo-Planets which are orbiting the TRAPPIST-1 .

    Interaction through PRAGATI

    a) The honourable Prime minister Narendra Modi made his 17th Interaction though PRAGATI.

    b) PRAGATI refers to  Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation which is a multimodal platform for information communication technology.

    c) This time prime minister focussed in Areas like-

    i) Handling and resolving  grievances related to the telecom sector.

    ii) Various issues of poor service quality, connectivity and non-functioning of landline connections.

    d)  The Prime minister also mentioned the progress of Pradhan Mantri Awas yojana – Urban ( PMAY-U) and underlined the commitment of Goals i.e to provide Housing to 2 crore Urban Nationals by the year 2022.

    e) He also mentioned and reviewed the progress of vital infrastructure projects in the field of  Railways , Road and transport , ports, power and natural gas sectors which will  spread over various states including Telangana, Odisha, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Haryana, Bihar, West Bengal, and Meghalaya.



    Whole Time Member of IBBI -Ms. Suman Saxena

    a) Ms. Suman Saxena has been appointed as the Whole Time Member of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI). She will take charge as soon as possible.

    b) Ms. Suman will be looking matters like Research and Regulation Wing comprising Corporate Insolvency, Corporate Liquidation, Individual Insolvency, Individual Bankruptcy, Research and Publications, Data Management and Dissemination and Advocacy.

    c) Earlier, she served as Indian Audit and Accounts Service for over 35 years.

    d) She will also be looking into the Matters of National Insolvency Programme, Continuing Professional Programme, and Knowledge Management and Partnership.



    Shurhozelie Lieziestu – The new Nagaland Chief minister

    a) Mr. Shurhozelie Lieziestu has been appointed as the new Chief minister of Nagaland on 22nd February.

    b) He took oath of the Post on 22nd February and he is the leader of 12-member Democratic Alliance of Nagaland Ministry.



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  • Daily Current Affairs 21st February 2017

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    Current Affairs 21st February 2017

    Important Questions from Current Affairs 21st February 2017

    Q-1 Which city has been chosen as the most clogged city of the World.?

    a) New York

    b) Shanghai

    c) Los Angeles

    d) Moscow

    e) None of these

    Q-2 Which cricket player has been auctioned with the highest amount in the 10th edition of IPL 2017 ?

    a) Yuvraj singh

    b) Ben Stokes

    c) Steve Smith

    d) None of  these

    World’s most clogged city

    a) Los Angeles has been chosen as the the Most Clogged City of the world.

    b) As per the transportation analytics firm Inrix – the Los angeles has topped the list among major cities of the world.

    c) The Car Hub California metropolis has scored 104 points (hours), followed by the Moscow at second place with 91 points (hours) and third place is New york with 89 point( hours).

    Highest Auctioned IPL player -Ben Stokes

    a) Ben Stokes has clinched the richest IPL ( Indian Premier League) player title in the recently held IPL auction .

    b) The Ben stokes was sold for 14.5 crore in auction held om 20th February. Ben Stokes was purchased by the Rising Pune Supergiants.

    c) At the Second Place Tymal Mills has been sold for 12 crores by the team Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB).

    d) This time two Afghan Players Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan Arman  have been sold for  4 crores each.

    e) Karn Sharma has emerged as the most expensive Indian Player in the IPL Auction for 3.2 crores by the Mumbai Indians.

    f) The player ben Stokes was paddled by the auctioneer Richard Madley.

    g) The 10th Edition of IPL will begin on the 5th of April and the event will end on the 21st of May.The Venue of Event on 5th April is at Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad.

     ‘SAATHIYA’ Resource Kit and ‘SAATHIYA SALAH’ Mobile App for Adolescents (Teenager) launched by Shri C.K Mishra 


    a) In order to create awareness among adolescents the Health Secretary  has Launched  ‘SAATHIYA’ Resource Kit and ‘SAATHIYA SALAH’ Mobile App.
    b) This was launched by the Health Secretary  Shri C.K Mishra.
    c) This will connect the Youth and teenagers of the country with Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram (RKSK).
    d) One of the key feature of the program is introduction of the Peer Educators (Saathiyas). They act as a catalyst in communication regarding the youth matters.
    e) The programme will target 253 million youth population. This will include discussions on strategic priorities for adolescent like  nutrition, sexual and reproductive health (SRH), non-communicable diseases (NCDs), substance misuse, injuries and violence (including gender-based violence) and mental health.


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  • Daily Current Affairs 20th february 2017

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    Current Affairs 20th February

    Important Questions from Current Affairs 20th February


    Q1 Which two Mega IT Communication companies announced their merger which will be India’s largest IT merger ? 

    a) Airtel and Vodafone

    b) Airtel and Aircel

    c) Idea and Airtel

    d) Idea and Vodafone

    Q2 What is the name of the Chief Minister who recently announced its resignation from the post in result of people’s aggression ?  

    a)  T.N angami

    b) P. Shilu o

    c) T.R Zeliang

    d) None of these

    Merger of Vodafone and Idea 

    a) The United Kingdom-based Vodafone and the Idea Cellular are likely to merge in the month of February.

    b) This is going to be the mega-merger to create India’s largest telecommunication firm.

    c) On 24th and 25th February the definitive agreement will be signed between the two firms.

    d) The Total Revenue created after the merger will be about 77,500 -80,00 crore.


    Chief Minister of Nagaland Quits


    a) Mr. T.R Zeliang resigned from his post of Chief Minister  On 19th of February, 2017.

    b) This decision came as the result of aggression and widespread protests in the state against the decision made by Government regarding the reservation.

    c) The State government has recently taken the decision to reserve 33 percent seats in urban local bodies for Women.

    d) The expected Candidate for the chief minister’s post is now Mr. Neiphiu Rio who is also the only MP from the State.


    A Drowned Continent  discovered -Zealandia

    a) As per the Geological Society of America , scientists have found a new Continent Beneath the south West pacific Ocean.

    b) The name of the continent is “Zealandia” which was suspected since the year 1920.

    c) The total landmass of Zealandia is 4.5 million square kilometers which is about 94% submerged in water.

    d) The Highest Point of the the Continent is New Zealand and New Caledonia.

    Union Budget 2017

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  • Daily Current Affairs 19th february

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    Current Affairs 19th february

    Important points from Current Affairs 19th february

    Asia Rugby Development Sevens Series

    a) Indian Women Team Clinches the Silver medal at the Asian Rugby  Sevens Trophy on 18th February.

    b) The venue of the Games was Vientianne, Laos.

    c) The Governing Body which is associated with the games is Indian Rugby Football Union (IRFU).

    d) This Body is Supported by the “Societe Generate”.

    INSV Tarini Inducted – All Woman Crew Scheduled to Sail her around the Globe Commencing August 2017




    a) The INSV Tarini will provide a platform for First Indian All Women Circumnavigation of the Globe expediton.

    b) The Venue of the ceremony was INS Mandovi and took place in the presence of Admiral Sunil lamba.

    c) This Expedition will commence in August 2017.





    Goods  and Services Tax council gave green signal to Compensation law

    a) The GST  council approved the final version of the compensation law on 18th of February 2017.

    b) The Compensation Law defines and states that the respective states ill be recomposed in the event of a loss due to the implementation of GST.

    c) This was announced by the Union Minister Arun Jaitely on February.

    d)  The meeting took place at Udaipur, Rajasthan.


    Legendary  Award to Lata Mangeshkar

    a) The Brand Laureate has awarded Melody Queen Lata mangeshkar ” Legendary Award.

    b) This award recognizes  World Class achievements in Branding amongst individuals and companies.


    Kashmir Observes 2017 year- as the year of apple

    a) In order to promote the famed fruits (Apple) in all the markets the chief minister of Jammu and kashmir Mehbooba Mufti has declared 2017 as the year of Apple.

    b) Also the Chief Minister launched the high density apple plantation scheme in the support of this.

    c)  To stabilize the rates of apple the Government has launched a Market Intervention Scheme also


    China planning to build Nuclear reactors in South China Sea

    a) The Chinese are planning to build  Nuclear Reactors   in the region of  South china Sea.

    b) To power China’s offshore Oil and gas Exploration Work in the South China Sea , it is constructing the nuclear power plant with the help of Russia.

    c) The Region of South china sea is disputed and is claimed by many Countries.

    d) Presently Diesel Generators are the main power source for china’s offshore operations.

    Union Budget 2017

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  • Current Affairs 16th February to 18th February 2017

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    Current Affairs 16th February to 18th February 2017

    Important questions from Current Affairs 16th February to 18th February

    Q1 With Reference to Economy of India CCEA Stands for-

    a) Central committee on Economic Affairs

    b) Cabinet Committee on Economic Agenda

    c) Cabinet Committee in Economic Affairs

    d) None of these

    Q-2 On which date the Union Cabinet gave approval to the merger of SBI with SBI Associates?

    a) 12th February

    b)13th February

    c) 14th February

    d) 15th February


    CCEA  approves contract awards for 44 small oil and gas fields


    a) The CCEA approved the awarding of contracts in 31 contracts areas related to small oil and gas fields.

    b) The approval was made by the cabinet  on 15th of February and these contracts earlier belonged to Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC).

    c) These contracts include 44 fields, 28 Inland  and 16 offshore.

    Merger of Associates banks with SBI


    a) The Union cabinet has approved the merger of the associate banks with the State Bank of India on 15th of february 2017.

    b) In this the State bank of India (SBI) will be merged with State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ), State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH), State Bank of Mysore (SBM) , State Bank of Patiala (SBP) and State Bank of Travancore (SBT).

    c) This merger will result in recurring savings which is estimated at more than Rs. 1000 Crore.

    d) The Suggestions of merging were taken on board and decisions were officially approved by the cabinet.


    Union budget 2017

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  • Current Affairs 15th February

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    Current Affairs 15th February

    Important Questions from Current Affairs 15th February

    Q1 Recently half brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong -un was assassinated at The Malaysian Airport which was reported by the South Korean Media. What is the name of important personality ?

    a) Kim Jong- Nam

    b) Jim Nong-kam

    c) Nim Kong – Jam

    d) Kim Jong – nun

    e) None of these

    Q2 Researchers have recently developed what type of implants recently to aid patients who struggle with Intravenous injections?

    a) Unreactive Implants

    b) Magnetic Implants

    c) Diamond Implants

    d)  Platinum Implants

    e) None of these

    Q-3 The value of Wholesale Price Index in the month of January 2017 is ?

    a) 6.25%

    b) 7.25%

    c)  5.25%

    d) 3.25%

    e) None of these

    Development of Magnetic Implant


    a) The researchers have recently developed a magnetic drug implant to facilitate patients.

    b) These implants could offer an alternative method to patients who struggle  regularly with  Intravenous Injections.


    Wholesale Inflation increases to 5.25%


    a) In the month of January the Wholesale Price Index (WPI)- rushes to 5.25%.

    b) As the Inflation accelerates in the sector of Crude oil and minerals sectors, the WPI observed the growth rate from 3.39% in December 2016.

    c) This steep rise in inflation is observed from the substantial increase in the prices of fuel and power.

    d) In the category of fuel and power the inflation has accelerated sharply from 8.56% in the month of December to 18.14 % in January.

    e) This was announced by the president of FICCI ( Industry lobby) – Mr. Pankaj Jain


    Assassination of half brother of  Kim Jong -un ( North Korea Leader) 


    a) The half brother of Kim Jong-un ( The Current leader of North Korea) has been assassinated at Malaysian Airport.

    b) Kim Jong- Nam – the half brother of  Kim Jong-un was attacked by the poisonous needles at the Malaysian airport

    c) The 45 year old was assassinated by the two unidentified women at the airport.


     Six Nation Conference on Afghanistan


    a) India is one the participants of the Six Nation Conference on Afghanistan. This was announced by the Foreign Secretary of India S. Jaishankar.

    b) The six includes China, Afghanistan, Russia, Iran,  India and Pakistan.

    c) The venue of the conference is the Moscow, Russia.

    d)  The Important Agendas related to future of Afghanistan will be discussed in this conference.




    Union Budget 2017


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  • Current Affairs 22nd January to 28th January 2017

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    Current Affairs 22nd January to 28th January

    Important Current Affairs 22nd January to 28th January

    Saina Nehwal Clinches Malaysian Masters Grand Prix Gold tournament 2017

    a) Saina Nehwal the India’s ace shuttler has grabbed the Malaysia Masters Grand Prix Gold title 2017.
    b) The venue of the Malaysia Masters Grand Prix was Sarawak in Malaysia.
    c) Saina nehwal was impressive from the starting of the tournament.
    d) She defeated Pornpawee Chochuwong  who belonged to the country Thailand.

    TeamIndus offers nameplate on the Moon 

    a)  TeamIndus which is a a Bengaluru based start-up has proposed a nameplate on the Moon for Rs.500.
    b)  The Indians are being offered the opportunity to have their name published on the moon. This opportunity is  for a price of Rs 500.
    c)  Space start-up TeamIndus will get the names of public ‘donors’ micro-engraved on a small-sized aluminium object, which will be placed on the lunar surface when its lander descends on the moon.

    CCI Approves Merging MakeMyTrip with ibibo Group

    a) The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has given the Go Green Signal to the approval of  merger of online travel firm MakeMyTrip with  Ibibo Group.
    b) Both the firms are Business rivals.
    c)  This closing of the transaction will take place  around January 31, 2017.

    National Girl Child Day on 24 January 2017

    a) The National Girl Child Day will be observed  at a special function in New Delhi in view of exemplary achievements by nation’s daughters during last year.
    b) These presented incredible performance at the Olympics and Paralympics besides historic induction of the first batch of female fighter pilots into the Indian Air Force (IAF).
    c) The occasion shall kickstart by release of National Plan of Action (NPA) for Children 2016.

    d) Ten districts under the ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme for their exception performance will also be praised.

    Virat Kohli Becomes Fastest Batsman to Score 1000 Runs as One Day Internationals Captain

    a) The Indian team captain Virat Kohli became the fastest batsman in the world to score 1,000 runs as captain.
    b) He became the fastest player to do so in One-Day Internationals (ODIs) on January 22, 2017.
    c) This was done in the 3rd  ODI against England, which was venued at  Eden Gardens.
    d) Virat Kohli reached this landmark in 17 innings.
    e) Earlier record was set by the AB de Villiers which was achieved in 18 innings.

    List of Padma awardees 2017


    a) The list of the Padma awards for the year 2017 is out.In Padma Awards- Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri are included.
    b) The Padma Vibhushan is considerd as the second-highest civilian award of  India after Bharat Ratna which is the Highest civilian honour of the country.
    c) The third highest civilian award is Padma Bhushan and the fourth highest is Padma Shri.
    d) These are Awarded by the Government of India and announced every year on India’s Republic Day.Recently the List of  this Year has been released which includes both Padma Vibhushan and Padma Shri awards.
    e) The List is as follows-

    Padma Vibhushan                                     Padma Shri 

    Sharad Pawar                                                     Basanti Visht
    Murli Manohar Joshi                                               Chemanchari K. Nair
    K.J.Yesudas                                                                Sadhu Meher
    Mufti Mohammad Sayeed                                        T. K. Murthy
    P.A. Sangma                                                                Emrat Khan
    Sunder Lal Patwah                                                    L. Birender Kumar Singh
    VishwaMohan Bhat.                                                  Baoa Devi   Tilak Gitai  
    Kailash Kher,
    Mukund Naik,
    Sukri Bommagowda,
    Anuradha Podwal,
    Wareppa Naba Nil,
    T. K. Vishwanathanan,
    Kanwal Sibal,
     G. Venkata Subbaiah,
    Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri,
    Birkha Bahadur Limboo Muringla,
    Eli Ahmed,
    Bhavna Somaya,
    Kashinath Pandit,
    Harkishan Singh,
    Dr Mukut Minz,
    Sanjeev Kapoor,
    Ashok Kumar Bhattacharya,
    H. R. Shah,
    Anuradha Koirala,
    Dr Mapuskar,
    Karimul Haque,
     Virat Kohli,
    Sakshi Malik,
    Dipa Karmakar,
    Vikas Gowda,
    M. Thanghavelu.

    Usain Bolt Loses a Gold  Olympic Medal 

    a) Worlds fastest man , the Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt will now be  eight  Olympic gold medals holder instead of 9 gold medals.
    b) He has to return his one of the gold medal which he won in the 4x100m relay event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
    c) This has been done due to his Jamaican team-mate Nesta Carter who was recently  tested positive for a banned substance usage.

    GAAR will be implemented from April 1

    a) The Finance ministry of Union cabinet has given GoGreen Signal to the General Anti Avoidance Rule (GAAR).
    b) The GAAR will be effective from the 1 April, 2017.
    c) The Income Tax (IT) department has issued some clearances on the implementation of GAAR.
    d) As the  foreign investors are major concern  over the  implementation of the anti-evasion measure.
    e) The implementation of  GAAR is done  to prevent companies from diverting transactions through other countries in order  to avoid taxes.
    f) GAAR will act as a watchdog to loopholes like avoidance of tax and other tax loopholes
    g)  India will be the 17th nation to implement this in the world  followed by nations like Australia, Singapore, China and the UK.

    India ranked 79th in the Corruption Perception Index 2016

    a) For the year 2016 India has  ranked at 79th position  in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2016 released.
    b) This ranking was done for 176 countries and was carried out by Transparency International (TI).
    c) Transparency International ( TI) is Berlin Based organisation which keeps an eye on the corruption indices of countries worldwide.
    b) New Zealand and Denmark Grabs  the first position as the least corrupt nations while the Somalia was rated as the most corrupt country in the World.

    Tokyo Olympics committee Reveils Son Goku As Olympics Ambassador

    a) In order to attract the young section of  audiences at the 2020 Olympics, the  Tokyo Games organising committee have reveiled  the Japanese character Son Goku as its Olympics ambassador.
    b) Goku will feature will on all the official Olympics 2020 merchandise.
    c) The character will be supported by other characters like Mario, Naruto and Sailor Moon.

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